Fiber Processing Services

  • Custom Fiber Processing at Olga's Yurt of Fiber

Welcome to our fiber processing shop where we are dedicated to provide you with professional, affordable service.  We have been operating since 1998 and use all Patrick Green equipment to creates bumps of roving and batts for all your spinning, weaving,  felting and artistic needs. 

No order is too small or too large.  We accommodate both the small backyard fiber grower as well as organizations who bring us wool by the bale.

We endeavor to treat your fleeces and fibers as though there were our own and guarantee that you will receive your own fibers back.  Olga's Yurt of Fiber uses only a gentle, eco-friendly detergent (never harsh chemicals) to clean the fibers and follow up with special attention to the needs and requirements of each type of fiber so that the results meet your personal desires.

Services and Prices:

Washing, Picking, and Carding to roving or batts:

  • Wool:  $7/pound
  • Exotics:  $8.50/pound

Wash Only:

  • All Fibers: $4/pound

Rewash (as required at our discretion)

  • All Fibers: additional $1/pound

Pick and Card Only (may need to wash & charge accodingly)

  • Wool: $5/pound
  • Exotics: $6.50/pound

Picking only

  • All Fibers: $1/pound

Special Procedures such as heathering colors, blending, striping:

  • Please add $1/pound

Please visit our page: Custom Wool Comforters

Our prices are based on the weight of the fiber as it comes through the door.  Therefore, careful skirting is strongly recommended. Also, because we do not shock the fiber with chemicals that would disintigrate organic matter (leaves, twigs, etc) it is important that you understand the
principle of Gargage In, Garbage Out. 

That is, any fleece or fiber that is heavily contaminated with organic matter will still contain some organic matter after it is processed.  We will make every effort to remove as much organic matter as we are able; but without the use of harsh chemicals, it is almost impossible to guarantee a totally organic matter-free finished product. If a fiber is too contaminated with organic matter, we may refuse to process it, as it may cause damage to our carding equipment.
We are also happy to provide custom dying and hand-spinning of your fibers. Please contact us for information for your specific needs.